Forages & Bedding


Our hay is sourced from some of the best hay growers in the country.  Most of our hay is only offered in large square bales but we can also source small squares and rounds if available.  Due to our commitment to quality, all Grower Pool hay that is produced is visually inspected as well as tested for nutritional content.  Since ALL of our hay is tested for quality our prices can then directly reflect the actual quality of the hay.  Our pricing system is listed is based on Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) and is listed below.  The reason for using RFQ, rather than the formerly accepted Relative Feed Value (RFV), is that RFQ assesses the digestible fiber of alfalfa and other forages such as grasses whereas RFV typically only accounts for the digestible fiber of the alfalfa.

Types of Hay

  • Dry
    • Alfalfa Hay
    • Alfalfa/Grassy Mix Hay
    • Grassy Hay
  • High Moisture (Baleage)
    • Alfalfa Hay Baleage
    • Alfalfa/Grassy Mix Hay Baleage
    • Grassy Hay Baleage

Hay Standards

April 1, 2013

Must meet 3 our of 4 'range' specifications to qualify for 'type'.  Price per point of RFQ according to the following chart of quality ranges: Price per point is tied directly to the Midwest base price of milk.

Spot Market guidelines:


For farmers that are not aware of the newly revised NOP Rule on bedding, here is what the most recent change states:

7 CFR 205.239 (a) (3) states:  Appropriate clean, dry bedding.  When roughages are used as bedding, they shall have been organically produced in accordance with this part by an operation certified under this part, except as provided in section 205.236 (a) (2) (i), and, if applicable, organically handled by operations certified to the NOP.

* Simply stated: Any certified organic farm using roughages (straw, hay, etc.) for bedding must use Certified Organic products.

Types of Straw

Absorbency Scale:    0---------------------------10

Low High

  • Barley Straw
    • Absorbency Factor: 2.0
    • Typical Nutrient Composition
      • Crude Protein: 4.3%
      • N.E.L.: 0.49 MCAL/lbs
      • TDN: 49%
  • Corn Stover
    • Absorbency Factor: 2.5
  • Hay
    • Absorbency Factor: 3.0
  • Oat Straw
    • Absorbency Factor: 2.5
    • Typical Nutrient Composition
      • Crude Protein: 4.4%
      • N.E.L.: 0.50 MCAL/lbs
      • TDN: 50%
    • Rye Straw
    • Typical Nutrient Composition
      • Crude Protein: 3.0%
      • N.E.L.: 0.43 MCAL/lbs
      • TDN: 44%
  • Triticale Straw
  • Wheat Straw
    • Absorbency Factor: 2.1
    • Typical Nutrient Composition
      • Crude Protein: 3.6%
      • N.E.L.: 0.43 MCAL/lbs
      • TDN: 44%


Straw and pelletized wood shavings are available upon request.