Farmers Wanted

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The organic marketplace continues to grow rapidly. This represents a huge opportunity for family farmers. By joining CROPP Cooperative you are investing in the strength of our nationally recognized Organic Valley and Organic Prairie brands and the veteran marketing expertise promoting our farms. 

Our co-op manages several different producer “pools.” Each pool represents a different organic commodity. Each pool produces the raw materials needed to support our sales. We currently have regional needs for additional dairy, beef, hog, egg, produce, hay and grain producers. Contact us to explore your organic opportunity. 

When you join CROPP Cooperative, you partner with fellow farmers to support stable “farm gate” pricing and democratic principles. At our cooperative, the farmer comes first, not a corporate management team or stockholders with other interests and priorities.

Be an owner. Have a voice in your future. Join us, and millions of consumers, in the grassroots movement to change the face of farming. We are here to help. Explore the links, give us a call, or send us an email to learn more about the CROPP Co-op advantage.  

Nine Reasons to Go Organic