How to Become
an Organic Farmer


The first step to becoming an organic farmer is to get certified. The certification agency enforces the USDA National Organic Standards, which you must follow to become a certified organic producer. Simply call the certifier and ask for their application and standards manual (there is a small cost for this). After reading through these materials you have a much better idea of whether organic farming is a good choice for you. CROPP only accepts certified organic farmers into the cooperative.

Which certification agency you choose is up to you. Your options may depend on the state or region where you farm. The agencies on this list are by no means your only certification options. CROPP will accept members with certification from any USDA accredited agency.

For more information call Membership Services at 1-888-809-9297, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Central, or email  farmerhotline(at)