What is Generation Organic?

Generation Organic, or “Gen-O”, is a community of young CROPP member-owners or owners' children ages 16-35 years old. The program was created to support Gen-Os with leadership development and educational, marketing and networking opportunities. Joining the Gen-O Network and plugging into the Gen-O Program will allow you to be notified of conferences, leadership development opportunities, resources, breaking news and marketing activities and events.  The Gen-O Program is guided by a nine member executive committee of young farmers.


Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build and inspire a community of engaged young farmers, safeguarding and shaping the future of CROPP Cooperative through education, support and leadership.


As Gen-Os, we elevate the status of organic farming to a noble and desirable profession. Through the embodiment of a holistic way of life, we are a testament to organic agriculture as a fulfilling, viable career and lifestyle. Within CROPP Cooperative, we are an active, visible community that is fully supported, highly respected and deeply valued.

We are the model for the future of agriculture.

Download the Generation Organic Program Charter

YOU MUST BE A MEMBER-OWNER (or member of a Member-Owner family) of CROPP in order to join this group.  You must indicate the FARM NAME in the form below.  This is a closed group for our member-owners.

If you are not a member-owner, thank you for your interest and support of Gen-O and click here to learn more or like our Facebook page.


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In addition, if you are a CROPP member-owner or member-owner’s child, you can get connected to other CROPP Gen-Os by requesting to join the closed group Farmers of Generation Organic on Facebook. You may also sign up for the monthly e-newsletter, Gen-O Rising, by emailing