CROPP Carbon Insetting Program


goal of carbon-neutral by 2050


To strengthen Organic Valley’s resiliency and achieve our carbon neutral by 2050 goal, we are taking the path of carbon insetting. Towards this goal, Organic Valley has been awarded a $25 million USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities grant agreement to incentivize farmers and finance partnerships to advance the Organic Valley Carbon Insetting Program (OVCIP).

Organic Valley dairy member-farms who wish to reduce their farms’ emissions through climate-smart agricultural practices can enroll in OVCIP now! By participating in OVCIP, our farmer-members will be paid for their greenhouse gas emissions reductions and carbon removals. They can ensure that their carbon credits stay with their farm and benefit the co-op, thus helping to reach our collective carbon neutral goal.

We are currently enrolling the following climate-smart practices: solid-liquid manure separation, manure composting, solar, enteric feed supplements, and agroforestry including silvopasture, riparian buffers, windbreaks, hedgerows and alley cropping. In general, these practices will need to be new to the farm, although we are evaluating the ability to include some existing practices.

Eligibility Information

OVCIP enrollment is first come, first served and open to active Organic Valley dairy member-farms. Click below to begin the enrollment process. Enrollment will open to other member-pools in future years.


Participating farmers who wish to receive USDA incentives through OVCIP will be required to meet additional enrollment requirements including:

  • Control of the land involved
  • Farm Records with the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA)
  • USDA Customer Data Worksheet (AD-2047)
  • Highly Erodible Land and Wetland compliance with the USDA Farm Service Agency
  • Not a foreign person or entity
  • Environmental review


Note: Organic Valley will provide each farmer applying for benefits paid by the USDA grant a description in writing of how their information, including but not limited to data about their farm and commodities, will be utilized, protected, and shared as applicable.

If you are not a member of Organic Valley, click below to learn more about how to become a member.