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At CROPP Cooperative we have a number of different producer pools. Each pool represents a unique organic commodity. These pools produce the raw materials needed to support our sales. We currently have limited regional needs for additional producers. Contact us to explore your organic opportunity.

FARMER HOTLINE: 1-888-809-9297  |  Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central |  EMAIL: farmerhotline(at)

What Membership Means

Stable Pay Price

Unlike the fluctuating conventional market, Organic Valley has sustained a stable farmer pay price for nearly 30 years. By providing secure payments and rewarding our members for quality production, we’ve empowered family farms to thrive.

Solid Business Model

Organic Valley is the most successful farmer-owned cooperative in the world with $1 billion in sales. A leader in the organic food industry, we market a wide variety of products using the highest quality milk, eggs, meat and produce from farms across the country.  

Veterinary Support

Our expert staff and veterinarians are dedicated to providing our members with the best organic farming information, tools and services. H­erd health, ruminant nutrition and soils agronomy specialists can work with you to maintain your farm’s success.

Access to Feed & Forage

Organic Valley’s in-house Feed Program can source, test and deliver a variety of feed directly to your farm. We also offer dietary consultations, soil and forage testing and grazing expertise to help your farm become more feed-sufficient.

Quality Programs

We coordinate with local milk handlers and haulers nationwide to seamlessly gather milk quality results on behalf of our members. We can also help identify issues and improve the components of the milk, allowing members to increase quality premiums and preserve the long-term health of their herds.  

Transition Assistance

Organic Valley has helped hundreds of farmers like you transition to organic production. We offer hands-on education and guidance as well as a paid transition premium. ­­­

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Organic Valley respects your privacy and will not offer your personal information to anyone at anytime.
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