Farmer Owned


CROPP CEO, George Siemon delivers a straightforward explanation of Organic Valley history and the farmers that helped build the cooperative. From the beginning, CROPP has been dedicated to bringing a stable price to farmers, keeping family farms alive and delivering great food to consumers.


The mission of CROPP is to create and operate a marketing cooperative that promotes regional farm diversity and economic stability by means of organic agricultural methods and the sale of certified organic products.

Governance is consistent management with cohesive policies, guidance, processes and decision-rights for a given area of responsibility. Through governance policies we determine who has power, who makes decisions and how other stakeholders make their voices heard.

At CROPP we believe that transparency and accountability build trust.  We encourage staff and member partnerships within a highly participator democracy.

The Cooperative Board provides framework and oversight in decision-making. Executive Committees offer guidance to the board and serve as a conduit to the membership in their regions. Staff manages the business and markets and sells our products. Management staff facilitates the Board decisions.

The richness of the farmer participation in CROPP is illustrated in the graphic below.  This graphic reveals a portion of the farmer participation. There are a total of 22 committees with farmer participation, with the total number of committee slots at over 200. As many as 128 farmers participate in governance committees each year.





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