About Cropp Cooperative

In 1988, a group of seven Wisconsin farmers who shared a love of the land and a belief that a new, sustainable approach to agriculture was needed, came together to form an organic dairy farming cooperative. Our founding farmers pledged to produce the best products possible by farming without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides or GMOs; by pasturing their animals, and by being stewards of the environment.  


Today, Organic Valley is still independent and farmer-owned while also growing into America’s largest cooperative of Organic farmers with more than 2,000 farmers in 34 states, Canada and Australia. We follow the same recipe for environmental and economic sustainability that our founding farmers created, and our cooperative often sets quality standards that exceed the norm. As the co-op continues to grow, we prove that it is not necessary for a business to sacrifice people for profits: today, Organic Valley farmer-owners represent approximately 10 percent of the entire nation’s certified organic farming community.

Our History