Pork Pool

We launched our pool of certified organic pork producers in summer 1998 and currently process hogs every other week. Under the Organic Prairie brand we market a line of pork sausages, bacon, ham, limited fresh cuts and deli products. Certified organic hogs receive 100% organic feed, and have access to the outdoors and fresh air.

Shipping Process

To ship your hogs through Organic Prairie:

  • You must be a certified organic producer. We must have a copy of your approved organic certificate and membership agreement on file.

  • You must be prepared to invest equity in CROPP equivalent to 5.5% of your total gross annual sales through the co-op.  

  • You must ship animals appropriate to the program.

  • You must be prepared to deliver hogs to a collection point or have appropriate loading facilities for on-farm pickup.

  • You must supply a bill of lading for each load.

  • You must be prepared to attend Pork Pool meetings.

Membership and Equity

Membership Requirements 

  •  Certified organic 
  •  Meet CROPP Cooperative equity requirements 
  •  Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) certification  
  •  Global Animal Partnership (GAP) level 2 certification 
  •  Proper loadout/handling facilities 
  •  50 head annual/10 head per shipment minimums 

Voting rights are tied to the fulfillment of CROPP’s equity requirements. Your one-time required equity investment is 5.5% of your annual gross sales through the co-op. This one-time investment in CROPP stock pays 4-8% dividends. When you meet this requirement, your equity is converted into stock. All voting within the co-op is democratic: one person, one vote.  Your equity is returned to you within 60 days of leaving the co-op.

To learn more, contact the Farmer Hotline at (888) 809-9297.