The CROPP Cooperative Animal Care Program consists of standards, on-farm visits and a compliance process. The standards are a result of staff and member collaboration to maintain CROPP’s position as a leader in the organic industry. They are carefully written to meet market and FARM Program requirements while being reasonable to our farmers. The standards are measurable, competitive and achievable on the co-op’s diverse member farms.

On-farm Visits

Our standards are verified with an on-farm audit once every three years. The visits include:

FARM Program Evaluation
A CROPP employee or a partner milk handler performs the evaluation, which consists of an interview as well as observation of the farm and objective scoring of the animals. The visit typically takes two to four hours depending on the size of the farm.

CROPP Animal Care Addendum
A CROPP employee completes a short form that addresses unique CROPP standards. The addendum is primarily an interview and a few specific observations. It typically takes about 40 minutes.

Compliance process

Members that do not meet or exceed all Animal Care Standards are expected to cooperate and respond to staff concerns. If the cooperative is aware that a member may not be in compliance with the standards, it will investigate the report. The member will enter a remediation plan or an integrity process if deemed necessary and depending on the severity of the case. (See Addendum B: Compliance Process.)

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