Transitioning to Organic: Transitioning Animals

A little information to get you started Transitioning you Animals.
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How do I transition my herd?

Dairy animals must be managed organically for 12 months prior to shipping organic milk.  Organic management includes use of purchased certified organic feed or on-farm feed that has been transitioned for two years or more.  Once certified organic, all on-farm feed must be organic and third year transitional feed can no longer be used.  Slaughter animals must be under continuous organic management from the last third of gestation.  Animals born three months after livestock certification are eligible for organic slaughter provided they have never been given a synthetic parasiticide. All inputs must be allowed by the National Organic Standards. Inputs include mineral mixes, internal and external medicines, pest management products, and livestock management materials.  Animals must have year-round outdoor access and consume 30 percent or more of their diet from pasture during the grazing season.  Prior to beginning your herd transition, contact your certifier to discuss your transitioning plan and the date you plan to sell organic milk or meat.

What if I’m interested in certifying poultry?

Poultry is not transitioned into organic production. Poultry must be managed organically from the second day of life. Pullets may be purchased from a certified organic operation. Poultry inputs must be allowed by the National Organic Standards and the inputs must be approved by your certifier prior to use.  

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