Giving Programs

As a cooperative of organic family farmers on a mission, we’ve long known that none of us is as smart as all of us - or as strong as all of us. That’s why we join hands with so many organizations across the U.S. who are working to support our local communities and create a better food system for all. We call it the Power of We.

Each year CROPP donates cash, product and other in-kind support to about 1,000 organizations and events across the nation that share our mission. These organizations collectively reach millions of people - furthering the organic food and farming movement, raising awareness, and promoting the cooperative’s mission. All this while changing the world, and building brand loyalty: truly the power of the people.

To focus our giving, our cooperative is dedicated to these five goals:

  1. Supporting organic family farmers by increasing professional development opportunities in organic agriculture for family farmers; empowering youth in agriculture; preserving family farm culture; and protecting farmers’ livelihood.
  2. Growing organic food systems with the advancement of organic agriculture and food sovereignty in both rural and urban areas, including initiatives focused on organic research, education, and advocacy.
  3. Promoting environmental sustainability by advocating for the stewardship and protection of natural resources.
  4. Fostering health and wellness through organic education and improving access to organic food. Priority is given to initiatives that benefit children’s health and education.
  5. Doing good in our local communities by empowering our farmers’ and employees’ communities to strengthen their local economies, create and enrich local, organic food systems, and/or increase community well-being.

To refer an organization for a donation request, please direct them to the updated Donation & Grant Giving Portal.